It is to be recognised

It is to be recognised
The words I give, bring “new life”.
The words that are given by the Holy Spirit
Are not the same as the words of man.
I may honour the words spoken out in faith
Yet new life comes from my throne.

Take time to be in my presence my people
More than ever before.
The words I speak through my Holy Spirit
Are confirmed in my Word
And the words I speak through my Word
Are confirmed to you by the Holy Spirit.

There are prophecies given in an endeavour
To bring into being those things which are not –
Those things which do not now exist –
But unless they are birthed by my Holy Spirit
They can’t bear the fruit of my Spirit.
It is for you to recognise
The words I give bring “new life” –
They bring in the alignment needed
In every day and age.
The Holy Spirit knows the cry of my heart.
My people, He will give you the words to impart.

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