Let me hold you close to me

Let me hold you close to me
When all around you is calamity.
You are now more of a target for the enemy.
There are angels assigned to you –
Always ready to protect you.
Keep bringing in the changes that are needed
Pushing back the forces of darkness.
My glory is to be more clearly seen.
It is for you to recognise
The time now is truly short.
Fear now is beginning to grip the hearts of many
Who see cruelty coming from the enemy’s strategy.
Satan is very real.
I am Christ in you and greater than any other force.
‘He that is in you is greater than he
That is in the world’

Reveal to the world my supernatural healing wonders
That are sustained by my truth and new life –
They are not just a ‘flash in the pan’ –
They are real. I am your reality.
There is to be a harvest of souls
Before I return for my Bride.
Enter in and be a labourer in my harvest field.
Seek my face – stay humble and pray.
My people, I am hearing and starting to heal your land.

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