The life you live while on the earth

The life you live while on the earth
Is seen and known by me –
I am all-seeing and all-knowing –
There is nothing hidden from me.
I am the Lord your God
And there truly is nothing hidden from me.

I see your struggles and I see your pain
And I desire that you look again –
That you look again at the cross
Where everything was provided for you
And everything is still now available for you.
My people, my people, I long for you to understand
The depth of what was done for you.
I gave my only “begotten” son –
Born of my Spirit – part of myself –
To die on the cross to set you free.
He was the perfect blood sacrifice, bearing all sin and shame –
By the stripes on his back, healing all sickness and diseases.
As you believe in Him and what He did at Calvary,
You are able to be healed and whole and glorify me.

You are loved and valued by me.
I see you and know you – each one of you.
Those around you, do not see you as I see you.
I am just, as well as merciful and kind.
Where you have sinned, there is the need
To repent before me and turn around.
Know that you have been forgiven by me.
Forgive yourself and stand up for me.
Be free my people to worship me –
My mercy and my grace are extended to you.
Live your life on the earth
In the victory that has been won for you.

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