The Awakenings that are named “4-Jesus”

The Awakenings that are named “4-Jesus”
Will continue around the globe.
The Name of my Son will continue to be
Higher than any other name.
The “4-Jesus” awakenings are birthed from my throne –
They are for His glory and His glory alone.

His Name is to be lifted high as a banner –
As an arc – as a rainbow over your city.
He is Lord. He is Lord of all Lords
And King of all Kings
Jesus the Christ – the anointed One.
He sits at my right hand
Far above all principalities and powers
And everything that has been named.
My glory has been passed on through Him
To you, my people.
It is for you now, even more at this time,
To reveal my glory to the world –
The world around you and the world far and wide.
Your City of Perth has been chosen
With your whole Nation,
To be as a catalyst in this day and hour –
Igniting revival fire which will quickly spread
To other nations
For my Holy Spirit comes as a mighty rushing wind
And will carry the flames far and wide.

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