In my Word you can find my profile

In my Word you can find my profile.
When you seek me with your whole heart
You will find me – I am waiting
To reveal to you the desires of my heart.

The desire I have for you and your nation
Is being revealed through my Spirit and my Word
And you are hearing this desire more and more.
I am sending apostles and prophets –
Teachers, evangelists and pastors
To make you aware of my desire for this day and hour.
For your City will be as a light
And your Nation will stand out among other nations.
When your city was named “The City of Lights”,
It was a prophetic proclamation.
I am the Father of Lights and you are my very own creation.
You will be as a proto-type city and as a proto-type nation.
For this you have been chosen and you will need to respond.
My people, align now strongly to my Word.
Humble yourselves and pray and turn from your wicked ways,
And as you seek my face, I will hear from heaven
And answer your prayer.
I will forgive your sin and heal your land.

My Word is clear – My promises are true.
You have been prepared for this time and age
As you unify, aligning together –“My Body becoming as “One”
The world will also come to see and know
My glory and my love.

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