Australia has been called

Australia has been called
“The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit”.
This name has been given and cannot be denied.
This land will be seen and known more and more
As the land of my Holy Spirit which has been prophesied.
My Holy Spirit gives honour where honour is due;
And you are to give honour
To those placed in Government over you.
I raise up and I put down.
This is part of the alignment I am bringing to you.
As you pray my will into being for this land,
You will see your Government become more like
My Government as it is in heaven.

Take hold of the revelation –
You have been given my Holy Spirit
And your land has been given to Him.
Co-operate now with my Holy Spirit
And be more aware of Him.
Allow Him to guide and lead
More strongly than ever before.
As a nation you have been chosen.
My people, you need to understand
The importance of your allegiance now
To me and my homeland.
This is the time my people, for you to make a stand.
Where you stand in world affairs, is crucial at this time.
Honour the Holy Spirit and allow Him to guide your land
Into my plans and purposes, fulfilling my end-time plan.
Your allegiance to Israel will be honoured by me.
I am your true security.
I am your Rock – I am your foundation.
I am the One who founded your Nation.

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