Come my daughter! Come my son!

Come with me! – Come-come-come-
Come with me and learn to hear my voice
Clearly above every other voice.
The time has come my people
For you to hear directly from me.
There will still need to be submission
One to another – one to another.
It is in the Spirit my Word will be confirmed
And also in my Word,
And be not hearers only –
Be do-ers of the words I speak
For you will know my blessings in the centre of my will
Allowing yourselves to be channels of my glory within.
My people, take up the challenge
Of spending more time with me
Hearing my voice and truly getting to know more of me.

It is the time my people
For you to become My mighty force –
A force that will be recognised
By the leaders in the world –
By the heads of government –
By the nations of the world.
I came as a light into the world
But was not recognised nor understood
By the world.
I brought life and light into the world.
This new life and light you now possess
And you are to reveal me now to the world.
I am Christ in you – Full of glory –
Allow my glory to be unfurled
As a flag or banner
To be seen and known and recognised
Far and wide – – –

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