Take the time to listen

Take the time to listen
And be attuned to me.
All the other voices are clamouring
To be heard above my voice.
Know that in everything you do
You still have a choice.

My people, my people, the cares of this world
Are crowding in all around you.
The choices you make are more important now
Than they have been ever before.
There has been released – forces of darkness
To over-power, oppress and destroy,
But these evil forces cannot prevail
When my people arise and take their places
Believing and trusting and obeying me.
My Word and My Spirit – they inter-twine.
They speak together as “One”.
Hear my heart! Hear my Spirit!
Do not be deceived!
The enemy would like to rob you
By sowing negative seeds.

Be strong in me my people.
Do not be drawn into the ways of the world.
My Glory is being more and more revealed.
Enter in and take your place.
Be the salt and light wherever you go.
Manifest my light.
My glory is to shine through you
With mighty power and might.
Glorify me my people.
Watch and listen and obey
Whether at night or in the day.

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