I am your anchor

I am your anchor
I am the anchor for your souls.
Hold fast now and I will hold you steady
Through the storms of life.

I am your Rock
I am “the Rock of your Salvation”.
Stand strongly on me
And on the promises in my Word.
Hold them firmly in your grasp.
My Word is true.
I am the Word.
My truth cannot be shaken –
It will forever stand.

Look to me my people.
I am still the Way, the Truth and the Life.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever.
Forever I AM.

Any doubt or unbelief comes from the enemy of your souls.
Though he may plan to destroy your faith,
My plans are higher and cannot be thwarted.
Stay anchored to me, the Rock of your Salvation,
And as you take hold of my promises,
You will see and know my resurrection power.
You have been prepared my people
To be part of my end-time plans.
You will operate from a launching pad
That is strong and true.
Signs and wonders and miracles
Will be seen operating through you.
You will reveal my Glory
As the harvest of souls is gathered.
Stay strong and true.

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