It is My revelation knowledge

It is My revelation knowledge
That is to be brought forth.
I will tell you more and more
Of that which is to come.

Deep calls to deep my people.
It is deeper and deeper you are to come.
All your fear is to be overcome.
The revelation that I bring,
With your mind, you cannot comprehend –
Yet it will be unveiled to you,
And with spiritual eyes you will see.
My wisdom and understanding have been given to you.
It is for you to take more time now in my presence
That more may be revealed to you.
It will be as you learn more of me –
As you grow in intimacy with me –
You will enter into a new dimension
Where the present becomes the future
And the future becomes the present.
There is a merging of time.
The past, the present and the future.
Even now my people,
You are in the heavenly realm with me –
You are here together in me
And you are also living on the earth.
Wherever you are, I am your true reality.

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