Revelation knowledge is to be brought forth

Revelation knowledge is to be brought forth
With wisdom and love, more and more.
This is the time of my end-time harvest.
The labourers now are to go forth –
More than ever before.
Pray and send – Proclaim and go!
Hear my voice and strategically go!
Then you will know my timing
And you will go with confidence.

My angels are now on assignment
In ways as never before.
They will help you reap, my people,
Going behind and before.
The latter rain and the former rain
Have been poured out together,
The harvest is ready and waiting.
People’s hearts have been prepared.
This is the time my people.
This is the Day that I have made.

Rejoice my people – rejoice!
Rejoice with my angels as you gather together.
There is much rejoicing in heaven
As the souls are brought into my Kingdom.
You are revealing My Glory –
My Glory covers the earth.
The whole earth is filled with My Glory,
Waiting to be seen.
Rejoice that you are part of the revealing.
My Glory shining through you,
Bringing glory to the Father while you are on earth.

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