My love and grace and mercy

My love and grace and mercy
Flow and flow and flow.
As a river flows, they flow.
Out of the core of my being, they flow.
Any blockage to my love, grace and mercy
Flowing to you
Comes from disobedience, my people.
Blessings follow obedience. This is clear in my Word;
And when there is disobedience, the curses follow on.
The evidence of the curses is clear in the world today.

My people, I ask that you come today
And be washed in the blood of the Lamb.
I gave my Son that you might be free
Of sin and sickness and disease –
That you might be free of sickness and shame
And that you would glorify Me.
It is for you to forgive and love each other.
It is for you to love and even bless your enemy.
This is not mostly as the world lives today
Where there is enmity and greed;
But I say to you today:
Stay close to Me and focused
So you will not be deceived.
I desire to use each one of my people in my strategy.
Be bold now – in boldness and strength
Be the head and not the tail.
Be healed – Be whole and complete
Through the blood of my Son.
Walk in the victory that has already been won.

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