The message I bring is profound

The message I bring is profound
The message I bring knows no bounds.
The message I bring is my deep love.
The message I bring is of my beloved Son.
The glory He had with me in the beginning
He passed on to you my people.
My glory will be known and my glory will be seen
More and more in you and through you.

Take hold of the message I bring.
It has stood the test of time.
My truth will forever stand
And all deception will have to bow the knee.
My love for the world was shown through my Son.
He gave His life that you might live
In newness of life.
His blood has never lost its power.
It is for your salvation, your healing
And your deliverance
From every force of darkness surrounding you.
You are for me the salt and light needed
In the world today.
“Those who love their God will do exploits”.

On Me the solid rock you stand.
“All other ground is sinking sand”.
Day after day – My Glory to flow –
My Spirit moving across the face of the earth.
Stand strong my people.
I am the strength of your life –
My love the greatest force in the whole earth.
My justice and mercy will prevail
As things take their course.

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