The gospel story is forever true

The gospel story is forever true
It is part of history
And you too are history-makers my people
As you form and come into alignment
With my end-time plan.
More and more is being revealed
Where you are to re-align
For some of you have gone off-centre
And need to refocus on me.
Humble yourselves before me, repent
And truly seek my face.
I will hear and forgive your sin
And bring in that healing for your land
And your life.
There has to be a change of mind-set
For so many have been deceived.
It has been the work of the enemy
And for some of you, it has been greed.
Earnestly seek my face my people.
Do not be drawn into the ways of the world.
Deception is there waiting to ensnare.
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
My Way and My Truth is full of integrity
And my life brings “new life”
And holiness of life.

Stay close to me my beloved ones.
I see your hearts, each one.
My love reaches out
Helping you where you need to re-align.
Forgive yourselves as I forgive you.
My abundant provision will amaze you.

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