Put your hand in mine as I reach out

Put your hand in mine as I reach out
For you to come deeper into me.
Deeper and deeper I would have you come
That you would know more of me and who I Am.
Come now as I lead you more
Into the depth of my being
For I am no longer in the form of a man
But I am a spiritual being.
You are hearing more and more
Of supernatural happenings.
It is for my people now to enter in
And be part of what is happening

Do not doubt what it is about.
It is about people being drawn closer to me.
I am not to be considered “way out there”
With no real contact with human beings.
Yes, you know what is there in my Word
But do you know the One who wrote the Word?
Do you know the One who is the “Word”?
In the beginning was the Word and the Word
was with God and the Word was God —–
and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.
These words resonate the truth of who “I Am”
Yet so often you think of me as a man
And an example of how to live on the earth.
I rose again and you became born again in me.
Though you live on the earth,
You are also with me and in me in the heavenlies.
Deep does call to deep my people.
Come deeper now into me.

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