My heart-cry for Jerusalem

My heart-cry for Jerusalem
Is clear in my word.
How can you not hear my people
And be obedient to my word?
It is a clear directive
As are many of my words.
I desire Her to be a praise in the earth,
A city not forsaken.
Her righteous going forth as brightness
And her salvation as a lamp that burns“.
Righteous exalts a nation.
My nation of Israel is to be seen
In a new light, glorifying me.
My people, see from my perspective,
Not through the eyes of those who cannot see.

Look unto the hills
From there comes your help –
Your help comes from me, your Lord.
Look far and wide and seek my face.
Stand on the walls of all your cities.
Be watchmen on your walls.
Just as I would have you pray for Israel,
Pray for all the nations of the world.
For my Spirit is moving all over the world.
My Holy Spirit is hovering,
So often waiting for you to declare my Word.
Be my mouth-piece, as well as my hands and feet.
Declare my plan and purpose for this time and age.

(Isaiah 62)

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