Signs and wonders are more clearly seen

Signs and wonders are more clearly seen
When crowds gather together in expectancy.
I am the One who chooses the time and the place
To reveal more of myself – more of who I Am
In signs and wonders, supernatural to the eyes of man.

Know this my people, that the enemy
Will try to come in and deceive
Wherever there is an opportunity.
His deception you are not to believe.
The fruit of my miracles will last
For they are truly from me.
They are as a sign and a wonder –
As a child, you are to believe.
You are also to know you are endowed with my power –
That same supernatural power.
It is time my people for you to reveal
The miracle-working power that dwells within.

It is my Holy Spirit who fills you with power.
He is the One who will guide and lead.
He will guide you into all Truth
And reveal to you more of who you are in Me.
You will take hold of the authority I have given to you
And with my love, do those miracles for me
That the world may see and glorify me.

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