There have been smouldering fires (Sri Lanka, Ps Shirani)

There have been smouldering fires
Well hidden after the war.
The spirit of the anti-christ
Has to be bound within your shores.
You have been given authority to bind these evil forces.
You have been given My authority.
All authority was given to me to pass on
When I was on earth.
My daughter, my daughter, you are for me, a chosen one
To wield this power as a sword –
And my blood has never lost its power.

Life and death is in the power of the tongue.
Openly decree!
No longer is the law of sin and death
To rule and reign with any authority.
Speak life – new life! – wherever you go.
Speak new life into cities and towns,
Looking not at the devastation that breaks your heart.
Speak “Change!” and there will be change.
I am “the God of the break-through
And I bring changes into circumstances all around.

You are as a pearl
Yourself, as well as your land.
My love for you is everlasting.
Stay close to me as I hold your hand.
Together we will redeem the land.
Keep using My Name –
Higher than any other name.
The enemy must bow the knee
As you wield My authority.
I am Lord of all –
Lord of all lords and King of all kings.
I Am the King of Glory coming in!

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