This day I say to you – Come and come again!

This day I say to you – Come and come again!
Come into my Throne- room.
My Son has paved the way.
His blood has been sprinkled upon the altar –
The Altar of Sacrifice.
He became the perfect sacrifice my people –
The sacrificial lamb.

The veil has been torn from top to bottom.
You can come into the Holy of Holies.
You will desire to put off your grave clothes
That smell of sin the death.
Come before me in humility
There can be no pride.
You are for me, my righteous ones.
In me you must abide.
Take off those clothes that have been of the world
And lay them at my feet.
Take off those clothes of “self” you still wear.
It is My Face alone I would have you seek.
Then there are the clothes that have been put on
Because of involvement with the evil one
Whether or not they are there because of your sin.
Throw them off and cast them far and wide.

Put on my garments of righteousness.
You have been born anew –
Resurrection life lives in you .
This you must understand.
Sin and death do not belong to you.
Come and be refreshed in me,
Prepared and ready to glorify Me

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