Take hold of what I give you

“Take hold of what I give you.”
These words are to be understood.
At the Gate Beautiful,
Peter gave what he had to give –
It was not written that it was God’s healing power –
He knew he had this to give.
The blind man at the gate
Took hold of what he was giving.
He received his miracle –
A supernatural healing.

Take hold of what I give you –
It is my healing love
Given to the whole world through my Son.
It is revelation knowledge of what was accomplished
On the cross at Calvary.

Once you take hold of this truth,
You are then able to pass it on.
Hold it firmly in your grasp –
Than pass it on as though it were a baton.

In the revelation knowledge I give,
There is everlasting life
Given to those who believe in my Son;
There is knowledge of His resurrection life –
Of His blood, that has never lost its power.
There is so much my people in what I hold out to you –
Much more than material possessions –
Much more than you can comprehend.
Yet the most important thing I ask
Is that you take hold of my deep love for you.
My love for you will forever last.

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