Abide in me

Abide in me.
There is no other place for you to be.

In me, you find rest for your souls.
In me, your Rock, you will find
The peace that passes all understanding.
It is my peace I leave with you.
It is my peace I give unto you –
Not as the world gives to you.
Nothing can compare to the depth of peace
You will know
As you trust fully in me
And do not lean to your own understanding.

Lean into me, my people.
Stay close to my heart.
Hear my heart-beat for your lives.
I desire the best outcome for you
In every aspect of your lives.
There will be storms along the way.
There will be strong opposition from many sources.
Apply the blood of my Son, my people
Wherever you go.
Commit your way to me
Resist the devil and he must flee.
You will overcome because of the blood
And the word of your testimony.

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