This sickness is not unto death

“This sickness is not unto death
But for the Glory of God”.

These words are to be spoken for new life to flow –
For new life to be created into being.
These words came from the throne room of the Father
Spoken to his beloved Son
Who did only what he saw his Father doing.
And proclaimed them to Martha,
The sister of the deceased one.
These words can only be prophesied
From the Father-heart of God
And only under His authority
Can they be truly said.

This is the day my people
When my miraculous deeds will be seen.
This is the day when you will walk more
In the supernatural with me.
This is the day when my signs and wonders
Will be more evident for all to see.
My Glory is to be now more clearly revealed.

I am the One who gives “new life”.
I am the Creator of the universe.
All things were created by me
And without me, nothing was made that was made.

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