There has to be a progression

There has to be a progression – going forward in me,
Worshiping and praising the Father and growing in intimacy.
There cannot be a standing still or a regressing back.
New life is growing in you my people.
It is my resurrection life.
In you there is an incorruptible seed – one that multiplies.
It continually multiplies;
For you will bear much fruit for me
And the evidence of this will be clearly seen.

It is continual growth my people – continual progression –
From one level of faith to another –
From glory to glory being changed.
The spirit of unbelief which pervades your land
Is to be confronted each day along the way.
I am a Supernatural God waiting to reveal who I Am
And this will be through my people
Rising up strongly in me,
Knowing they have a task to complete –
Yet I am the One who will complete
The work I have started in you.

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