My love is the deepest thing

My love is the deepest thing
That you could ever know.
It is deep and high, stretching far and wide
And cannot be contained.
Until you tap into the reality
Of my deep love for you,
You are but a shell on the earth
Devoid of any true life.
My love is an unconditional love.
I love you, whether or not you love me back.
That is hard for you to believe, my people,
For you have learned “to measure up” –
To make sure you do ‘this or that’
And then “you will measure up”.

It is true I desire you to be all I have called you to be,
And I see your hearts.
I will not require you to do anything I have not planned.
And whatever choices that you make,
My love for you will always stand.
“All have sinned and fallen short of my Glory”.
Yet my glory in you is increasing –
From glory to glory I am changing you.
There is a flowing with my Spirit –
A flowing with my healing love –
And I ask you to keep flowing with it,
For my deep love is to be seen in you
Compassionate and true.

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