I bring into being those things

I bring into being those things
That do not now exist.
All things were made through me
And without me, nothing was made that was made.
I am “one” with the Father
And I was in the very beginning with Him.

My people, I now live in you
And you live in me, the resurrected One.
Can you not see?
Together we create, you and me!
When you speak the words I give,
You create and bring into being
My plans and purposes in the earth.
Together, we work in unison.
You are my vessels on the earth today
To bring in my Glory.

Know it! Believe it! – and work with me
Through my Holy Spirit – we are a team.
Glorify me, my people.
My glory is to be seen.
As more of my glory is revealed in you,
People will be drawn to me.
Reveal my signs and wonders!
Reveal the miracles I do!
It is harvest time my people
And I desire to use each one of you.

Creative miracles you will see
As you seek my face.
Give me all the glory
As you help create.

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