Proclaim health and wholeness

Proclaim health and wholeness over the Body
Over the Body of Christ.
It is my Body my people.
Do I not want you functioning well
In the world today?

Proclaim my plans and purposes into the world today.
You have been given my authority to bring in the changes
Needed in the world today.
All authority has been given to you
To be used wisely as the Holy Spirit leads.
Death and corruption have taken hold
Where life is to flow.
Speak now “life” into being
Wherever you go.
It is my resurrected life that now lives in you.
It flows through your very being.
“I am the resurrection and the life”
“I am in you and you are in me”
You have the power to rebuke death and corruption
As you speak “new life” into being.

Push back the powers of darkness
In your lives and your families –
In your city, your nation and all other nations.
Speak “new life” wherever you go.
All for my Glory and my Glory alone.

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