Each of my people function differently

Each of my people function differently.
I created the diversity.
When will you learn my people
Not to impose upon another your personality?
The expectation you put upon another
To think and operate the way you do
Is to no longer be!
Wisdom and understanding have been given to you.
Discern and encourage others to grow
In their gifts and callings.

These things you know – It has happened to you
And you each have this tendency too.
You so desire another to think as you do.
A man does not think as a woman,
Nor a woman as a man.
A child cannot think as an adult
And an adult needs my wisdom
To understand the child.

Value one another more and more and more
For I designed and fashioned each one of you.
My love for you each one is everlasting.
Love each other more and more.

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