It is the “now” I want to address

It is the “now” I want to address
In my people’s lives.
Those things that have happened in your past
Are to be drawn upon, not dwelt upon.
It is the “now” you are to focus upon
While seeking my face.
It is in the “now” I am preparing you for the future ahead
I know “now” what I have planned for you
And sometimes I tell you ahead

Time is in my hands my people.
I am He who was and is and is to come.
It is for you to recognise you are not to live in reaction
To those things which have passed.
You are to live in the “now”, healed and whole
Because of the sacrifice which was made for you.
Be free to seek my face and hear my voice
For it is “now” I require a response from you
To those things I am asking of you.

I am coming my people
And instead of you having the mind-set –
“I already know the words that Jesus is coming soon”.
Think now –
That I am coming and that I am coming “now”.
These words are important, for then you will be ready.
You will be more prepared for the “suddenly”.
I ask you my people,
Be more conscious each day of the “now”.

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