Keep on learning

Keep on learning. Keep on growing.
Keep on being filled to overflowing
With my Spirit, my Word and my very Presence
For I am in you and you are in me
And there is much to be accomplished for me.
The world, the flesh and the devil
Will try to keep you occupied
And even those who are close to you –
Your family, your friends and those close beside
Will want more of your attention as time goes by.
Keep on loving each one of these
Yet seek my direction more and more.
Your time now is more valuable to me
Than it is ever been before.

There are now assignments that are being added on.
They will merge in with the other tasks
Which I have called you to do.
You are being enlarged my people.
Time is running out.
I have fully equipped you.
The harvest is ready. Go out –
For I have been preparing the harvest.
The hearts of souls are crying out.
Be aware of divine appointments.
Be aware of people being drawn to you.
You will have words of clear directions for them.
They have lost their way.
With my love, help each one of them.
They are like lost sheep who have gone astray.
I desire each one to know I am the true way.

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