There are words that have to be heard

There are words that have to be heard
If you want to understand and know more bout me.
They will be found in my written word
And from hearing directly from me.

I am the Lion of the tribe of Judah
Worthy to open the seal.
I am the Lamb that was slain
Seated upon the throne.
I am the One who intercedes on your behalf.
In the throne room, your accuser is there.
I show my nail-pierced hands.
The Father sees the blood that had been shed.
There is no case against those who’ve made me Lord –
Those who have been born anew.

I paid the price my people –
You have been redeemed.
I paid the price for the sin of the world.
You are no longer condemned.
My Father’s love is everlasting for you.
Receive it – Embrace it – and live anew.
Pass on now all that has been given to you.
Give me all the glory
For all that has been accomplished in you,
Knowing that I will complete the work
That has been started in you.

My Holy Spirit will reveal
More – and more – and more, of me.
It will be by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation
You will come to have a greater knowledge
Of who I Am, and who you are in me.

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