I have for you much more

I have for you much more
Than you can contain at this time.
Expand your spirit. Expand your mind.
Allow the zeal –
The zeal of the Lord of Hosts
To accomplish in you and in your land
All that I desire to do
In this time and age.

There is no limit to what I can accomplish
Other than the limits you place upon yourselves.
My resurrection power is in you my people –
My glory in the midst of you
Waiting to be released upon the earth.
I am preparing people – I am preparing hearts.
There are places around the earth
Where I have chosen true revival will start.
It has to be initiated by my Spirit
In the ways that I have planned.
It cannot be conceived by the mind of man.

Take hold of my promises.
Take hold of my Word.
Take hold of the hands I hold out.
Know that you have heard.
My people, my love will never fail you.
It is an everlasting love.
The enemy cannot stand against this force –
The strongest force in the universe.
My power is to be seen
Operating with plan and purpose
Not to be taken lightly.
Enjoy me, yet do not move
In ways that dishonour me,
For I am to be glorified through you.
Through you, my glory is to be seen.

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