Victory we have in Jesus Christ

Victory we have in Jesus Christ
Forgiveness for He was crucified
Wholeness in every part of me
Deliverance for He has set me free
I’m reigning with Him upon the throne
Conquering o’er Satan’s power below
Living my life with Christ as Lord and king.’

As you sing these words proclaiming
What I accomplished for you on the cross,
You are establishing yourself more strongly
In the life of victory I have planned for you.

The difficulties will come my people.
Stay strong in me and in the power of my might.
My wisdom is available for you to use
In every circumstance.
Push back the powers of darkness.
Know you have the authority.
Impart to others my love, peace and joy
So much needed in the world today,.

My people, you have the answer
As people are crying out in their need.
Reveal to them that I am the Way, the Truth and the Life
And that no-one can come to God their Father and Creator
Unless they come through me, the Door
Opening up for them, new hope for their future.
They too can share in this life of victory
Living their life with me as Lord and King.

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