There has to be an awakening

There has to be an awakening
For those who have fallen asleep.
The Body of Christ is to arise
And stand on her feet.
My Holy Spirit is shaking and then shaking again
Those who are not responding to my call.
I will complete the work I have started in you.
My people, respond to the shaking
And come before me with repentant hearts.
I will hear your prayers and heal your land.

Rise up now, linking arms,
Shoulder to shoulder, moving forward
Taking back the territory
That has been stolen from you
By the forces of darkness.
This is the time my people to arise together.
It has been pre-ordained on my calendar.
Seek to know my agenda for these days.
Those who have gone before have longed to see this day.
Recognise you have been prepared for this time and age.
Push back any discouragement, forgiving and blessing
All those who have ever hurt you.
Stand strong and ready for my trumpet call.
My love and my blood will never fail you
As you respond to my call.

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