Some people look but do not see

Some people look but do not see.
Some people listen but do not hear.
I ask you to be alert my people –
To be astute in the Spirit for me
Demolishing the enemy’s plans,
Exuding my love and my blessings
Wherever you go – whatever you do.

The value in the blood of my Son
Is not to be under-estimated.
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
His blood will always protect you
And it is a weapon of war for you to use
Against the forces of darkness around you.
It is imperative now that you insist
That the enemy bow the knee
In your life, in your family,
And in your ministry for me
Setting the captives free.

Look and see! Listen and hear!
My Holy Spirit and my angels
Are there for you to make sure
You are able to finish the tasks set before you.
They are there to make sure my plan
And my purposes will be fulfilled.
I have given you all you need
To complete the task ahead.
It is for my glory you have been chosen
And assigned.
Continue to glorify only me.

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