The words I give may be similar

The words I give may be similar
But they are forever new.
Some things do not change.
I am the same yesterday, today and forever,
Yet the instructions and revelations
That I bring to you
Are the words for each day
To be passed on to others along the way.

My people, as you listen to the words I speak
Through my Holy Spirit and my Word
And respond in love,
With the words and the actions to inspire
And bless others,
You will grow more and more into my likeness.
Take the time to absorb my presence
Being changed from glory to glory.

My healing love is to flow freely.
Where my Spirit is, there is freedom –
Freedom to become all I have called you to be.
Things cannot stay the same in your life,
In your family, and in the lives of others around you.
There has to be a change.
Be part of the change, my people.

There has to be a slotting into my plan
For this time and age.
It is through revelation knowledge
You will come to know and see
All that I have planned for you, each one.
My glory will be seen flowing from you my people.
Spend that extra time with me, investing for eternity.

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