The truth is to be expounded

The truth is to be expounded
By the Holy Spirit.
The simplicity of my words
“I am the way, the truth, and the life”
And “No-one comes to the Father but by me”
Will stand forever true –
Yet there is to be expansion in the minds of men
To fully understand my truth.
It is revelation knowledge imparted by the Holy Spirit
That will bring the expansion needed
In your heart, your mind and in your spirit.

There are many commentaries written
About my written “Word” –
Some have come from the minds of men
With sincerity of heart;
And I say to you today: It is my heart’s desire
That you take the time needed with the Holy Spirit
To have my Word expounded
To your heart, and your mind and your spirit,
For I desire you to have a deeper revelation
Of who I am through my Word.
This is my heart’s desire for each of my people
That you have personal revelation knowledge –
Not second-hand through another.

I have teachers and preachers, prophets and apostles
Who hear and pass on the revelations that I give.
These are to be valued, but nothing will satisfy you
As much as discovering for yourself
The treasures in my Word.
Come closer my beloved ones
And diligently seek me
Through my Spirit and my Word.

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