The fire that I bring does burn up the dross

The fire that I bring does burn up the dross.
It burns up those things that are not of me
In your lives and your family.
The wind that I bring blows away
All that will not reproduce for me
For I am a God of multiplication.
People might try to add things on
To that which I produce
But they will be blown away as chaff
When my ultimate reaping time comes in.
Make sure my people, you don’t add on
Anything onto your life –
Things that are not birthed by me.
You are to still enjoy your life
But the things of the world are not to rule and reign.
Take me with you to a football game –
Or other entertainment.
Make sure that I would be comfortable there
Enjoying my time with you.
When I return, make sure I don’t find you
Anywhere not pleasing to me –
Anywhere you know you should not be.

You are indeed my beloved sheep.
I do not want you to go astray.
You hear my voice and are guided by me
Yet you are even more –
You are joint-heirs with my Son
With the same authority He has been given.
Rise up and show that you are my Sons –
My mature ones –
Revealing my glory to everyone.

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