There has to be a joining together

There has to be a joining together
To hear what your “Head” is saying.
I am the Head of my Body
And there is a lack of co-ordination –
That is what the world is seeing.

Parts of my Body are not functioning well
And need to come into true re-alignment.
This is now starting to happen.
My Spirit is moving and I am bringing forward
Those I can use in this way –
Those who move with my healing love
Yet move in my power this day.
They are my true apostles with apostolic hearts –
Those who hear my heart-dry for my Body
And are willing to take their part
In bringing in the restoration and healing
That needs to take place in so many hearts.

Look for opportunities to bind up wounds for me.
There is to be a moving forward as an army
For me.
Taking back territory from the enemy.
Flowing in your gifts, fully equipped,
As my Holy Spirit leads and guides.
You are my hands and feet,
And my mouth-piece
In the world today.
Listen for my strategy
And move together in unity.

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