I long to communicate to many

I long to communicate to many
Who have ears only for the world –
And many of the ones who have come to know me
Spend more time listening to the voice of the world
Than they do listening to me.

My people, I am your Father
And you are my very own.
Can you not see how the enemy
Would rob you of your time with me?
You will only have victory over
The world, the flesh and the devil
As you spend more time seeking my face.
You know the verse:
“They overcame by the blood of the lamb
And the word of their testimony”.
Apply my Word in your every-day life
And apply the blood of my Son.
I long to communicate more of my love
And more of who “I Am”.

I am a supernatural God
And nothing is too difficult for me.
I care about your lives –
The circumstances you are in.
Trust me my people, in your every-day lives.
I desire you to be the head and not the tail –
Not to fail but to win.
With a thankful heart, lay all things before me.
Honour and glorify me.

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