There are many hindrances

There are many hindrances to the flow of my Spirit.
It can be past experiences –
A certain spirit can have affected your life
And then flows on to future decisions –
It could be from believing certain reports
Or the fear of not doing the “right thing”
Can hinder the new thing I want to do.

My Spirit is moving across the face of the earth
And desires to bring in my strategy –
It is different for each occasion.
My leaders, my generals, are to tune right in –
They are the ones responsible
For not leading others down a wrong path.

It is not the time for detours.
All hindrances must go.
My Holy Spirit is to flow and flow
And from you my people, to overflow
That men might see my river –
The river of living water
Bringing life wherever you go.

Stay close to me and be re-aligned
As my Holy Spirit leads and guides.

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