Flow with my Spirit – Flow – flow – flow!

Flow with my Spirit – Flow – flow – flow!
Do not be part of any undertow.
Do not draw back and hinder my flow.
Allow my Spirit to guide you wherever you go.
You are an integral part of my end-time plan.
Do not under-estimate your value.
You have been made for such a time as this.
You each have been given different gifts
To flow together and snugly fit.

You are being changed from glory to glory.
How can anyone doubt my gospel story?
You show evidence on the earth
Of what I accomplished when I was on earth,.
You are now ready to rise up and be seen –
My Body on the earth is now to rise up for me.
You bear my Name which is to be lifted high.
I am the Lord over all the earth and the sky.
It is time for my people to reveal my glory –
Far and wide – Far and wide.
Know that in you my people
I am to be glorified.

It will not be easy – this you must know,
But your trust in me will grow and grow,
For I am the one who is faithful and true.
My love is everlasting for you.

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