Consider the sun, the moon

Consider the sun, the moon
And the stars – the planets in their place.
Consider the weather patterns
That men have learnt to trace.
How can the people I have made
Believe they evolved from an animal race?
I am revealing more and more
Of who I Am and who they are
At the closing of this age.

I am the Creator of the Universe.
I created all things –
All things were made by me
And “without me, nothing was made
That was made.”
My people, you have been made in our image
Father and Son
And with my Holy Spirit, we are “one”.
There is a destiny for you my people –
There is a destiny for each one.

When you have been drawn to me by the Holy Spirit
And accepted that my Son died for you,
You became a new person in me.
You are now a spiritual being.
You are now ready to live out your purpose
That I planned for you from the beginning.
My Holy Spirit has now been given to you
And He lives inside your very being –
As well as being alongside you.
He will reveal my truth in your daily living.

Trust me my people, to complete the work
I’ve started in you.
I keep my Word –
All my promises are true.
Rest in knowing my deep love for you.

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