You have many attributes

You have many attributes
But I would tell you this day –
I would have you rise in stature
And truly go my way.
You have learnt many things from me
Yet your mind is not fully renewed.
Keep trusting and obey my Word.
Look to me and seek my face.
I will help you run your race.

Blessings come with obedience.
Be open to my fullness of truth.
Anything not of faith, is sin.
Keep believing and then you must win.
The victory has already been won
When I died on that cross
I gave you access to all spiritual blessings
And while you are on earth,
All your physical and emotional needs
Are there for the asking – Ask of me.
Sometimes you have not, because you ask not.
Your trust is to be totally in me.

My love for you is everlasting.
The love of my Father reaches out to you.
You have become His son –
And joint-heir with me.
Shall He not bless you abundantly?

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