Enter into my rest, my people

Enter into my rest, my people –
It is a new place to be.
It is truly ceasing from your own works
And trusting totally in me.
There is nothing that you can do
To enter the rest I give.
It is relying unequivocally on all I have done for you.
I accomplished on the cross all you could ever need.
Your sins forgiven, wholeness and health,
Strength and total provision.
It is only unbelief that keeps you
From receiving all that is yours, from me.

My Word is to be believed and obeyed
For do I not desire the very best for you?
Do I not desire to bless you abundantly?
How can you doubt –
When I gave my very life-blood for you?
In these last days, it is my works I desire you to do.
I am providing all you need, to do these works.
My Holy Spirit is empowering you with revival fire.
Receive it and flow with my healing love,
Setting captives free as you move with me.

You are for me as a sign and a wonder
In the world today.
Glorify me in all you do.
Enter into my rest, even this day.

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