Are you firmly plugged in

Are you firmly plugged in
To your source of power? –
Or is your connection shaky
Having power only intermittently
And sometimes even fading?

I am more than your source of power.
I am your Father God
Who loves you and cares for you –
Every aspect of your being.

Reconnect with me my people.
Firmly reconnect.
I stand with arms wide open
Waiting to forgive.
Come to me with repentant hearts
And stay very close to me.
There is a shaking coming across the earth
And that which is not of me, will not stand.
Any work which you have started
That has not been instigated by me
Cannot stand my people.

You belong to me.
That which has not been part of my plan and purpose
Must be removed in these last days.
The time is short my people.
Stay close to me – hearing my strategy.
You need to know the depth of my love
In these last days.

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