Lift up your heads and look

Lift up your heads and look
And seek my face.
Come my daughter and come my son –
These words are for everyone;
And for those who know me as Saviour and Lord
They can in confidence come;
They have been washed clean by the blood that was shed.
With clean hands and pure hearts,
Higher and higher they come.
It is for my glory and my glory alone
They seek my face and my glory.

My people, I reward those who diligently seek me –
Who hear and obey my voice.
I keep beckoning to my people
To enter into my heavenly realm.
They are afraid to enter into the unknown,
But I say to you each one;
I have given you the faith to believe
That you might come deeper and deeper into me.
There are heights that you have not yet known.
It is by my Son you have entered in
And my Holy Spirit is leading you on.

I say to you my people, as you come up my mountain-side;
You will have more revelation knowledge
Of what lies deep inside
And you will look down and you will see
Earth from my perspective.
You will know you have the power
To bring any changes that are needed.
My power and my glory is at your disposal here.
You are to bring my Kingdom to earth as it is in heaven.
My angels are rejoicing as you choose to obey.
They are waiting and are ready to work with you –
Even this day –
They await my Word, ready to obey.

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