Integrity is a key

Integrity is a key
To open doors for all eternity.

Have you ever watched a screen
Where the words being spoken
Do not match up with the person you are seeing –
The one who is doing the speaking.
It is very hard to stay fully attuned –
You can even become a little confused.
You even switch off or just listen to the words.
The full impact of the words
Need to be seen as well as heard.

It is so true that you my people
Need to line up with your words
And to align with my Word.
The words you speak – the promises you make
Are to be kept as well as heard.
They are to be followed through – You are to keep your word.
As well, I desire you to help fulfil the promises in my Word.
It is Christ in you the hope of glory
I am to be seen in you as well as heard.

You are my beloved.
I ask you to reveal my love.
In me you live and move and have your being.
My Love, my Light, my Glory
Through you now, to be clearly seen.

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