Each day is to be remembered

Each day is to be remembered.
Each day is to be significant.
Each day I desire you to accomplish for me
Something new towards eternity.

Consider these words and consider them well.
Time now is not to be wasted.
There is an intensity now in the enemy’s work.
He knows the time is short.
How much more should my people be aware
That the time truly is short.

Take hold of each opportunity
To further the work of my Kingdom –
My Kingdom to come on earth
As it is in heaven.
My people, hear the words I say
And be a “do-er” of my word each day –
Each day to be significant for me,
Accomplishing more for all eternity.

You have authority over the enemy’s plans –
Loose those bound by the enemy’s bands.
Cut them loose and set them free.
Show to them my loving mercy.
Without my intervention, they are going to hell.
This is the reality. Of me, you must tell.

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