There is a way like no other way

There is a way like no other way –
It is my way for you.
I am the way, the truth and the life
And I know you through and through.
I knew you in your mother’s womb.
I know my plan and purpose for you.
You were created for this time and age.
Spend more time in my presence
That you might more clearly hear my voice
Because the time now is short
I would have you use your time wisely.
Consider now your priorities.
Do they contribute to the temporal
Much more than for eternity?

My people, the way I have for you
Is clear in my Word.
I have chosen so many of you
To make sure my words are heard.
Make sure it is a priority.
People are being prepared.
I do not want anyone to miss out
On knowing how much, for them, I care.
My love is everlasting.
What you have experienced, you are to tell
The good with the bad
And save them from hell.
Hell is not an imaginary place –
It is where fire and everlasting torment take place.
I am a God of mercy and grace –
Hell had not been created for the human race.

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