The signs and wonders are done

The signs and wonders are done
That you might see who I am and respond before me.
I speak to the cities where these have occurred
Where I have come and revealed myself.
Repent my people and turn from your wicked ways.
You have prayed for your city
But you do not understand.
It is in humility you must come to me
Not so much demanding the truths in my Word.
I have made promises and much has been prophesied
And I say to you today:
My people, come humbly before me.
Repent of the ways in which you have failed
For all have sinned and fallen short of my glory.

Come again before me, my people
And respond to the words I say
For as you seek my face
With a humble and repentant heart,
I will hear and answer your prayer
And I will heal your land.
I see you each one
And my love is everlasting toward you.
Know that my timing is always right.
As my Holy Spirit orchestrates
My end-time plan into being,
Sing my people, sing!
Watch as He moves his baton toward you.
There is a new sound – a new song to be sung
Enforcing the victory already won.
(Matt 11:20)

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